Hi, my name is Jay Barr, I am the Centre Director at Maragon Early Learning Centre Balcatta. Our Centre provides exceptional care for children aged        8 weeks – 5 years. A favourite with the children, our Centre has a pet bunny, teaching them about care and, empathy and responsibility. One of the core focuses of our Centre is on school readiness, closely aligning to neighbouring West Balcatta Primary School to enable a smooth school transition. Maragon Balcatta also aligns to Montessori learning approaches. The physical learning area is structured according to subject area, where children are free to move around the room. Children are encouraged to develop independence and the environment has been designed to facilitate this. The benefits of this learning method are; focusses key developmental stages, inspires creativity and encourages cooperative play through a system that is highly individualized to each child and is curriculum focused hands-on learning. Our nurturing educators, understand the pivotal role they play when a family transitions the child into care. Our unique team have various backgrounds that include art, education and organizational development.

Meet the Balcatta team

The Balcatta team is led by Centre Director Jay Barr and Educationa Leader Jilna Dutt. The majority of the Centre team have been in their role long term which demonstrates their love and commitment to the children, the families and their career. The team have an excellent relationship with neighbouring primary school West Balcatta, keeping across developments in Kindy and Pre-Primary education as part of their school readiness program.

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Maragon Early Learning Balcatta Centre -219 Cedric Street, Balcatta, Western Australia, 6021

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00am -6:00pm

Centre Director: Jay Barr

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