Maragon Baldivis – Talk to the Animals

I am an early childhood educator and strongly believe in the benefits of working with children and animals (despite the age-old saying never to mix both).  Exposing young children to animals and pets has an overwhelmingly positive impact, increasing levels of patience, care and smiles. Here are my top 6 reasons why children should interact with animals.

  1. Pets give unconditional love.
  2. A pet can teach a child that they don’t have to take out their feelings on others.
  3. A pet can teach empathy, caring for the feelings of a being other than themselves.
  4. A pet teaches confidence and responsibility, even from a young age. Helping care for a pet in some way shows they child they are trusted.
  5. A pet can help socialize children and increase their verbal skills, by playing and talking to the animal.
  6. Pets (and animals in general) can be very therapeutic for children, relieving anxiety and stresses.

Having animals in an early learning centre environment is a great opportunity for children to build relationships with them. Providing an additional ‘positive’ to going to child care. Children are encouraged to help care for the animals, engaging them with feeding and cleaning activities – even taking them home for overnight stays. Having pets in the Centre helps build positive behaviours and habits that are generally carried through to their home environments.

Nicole Wortley is the Centre Director at Maragon Early Learning Centre, Baldivis. Home to Charlie the pig, a tarantula, several fish and other wonderful creatures.

For more information, visit the Baldivis centre page.