We are excited to announce Maragon Early Learning Centres have officially joined the Busy Bees Early Learning Australia family. Busy Bees have 52 centres in Australia and more than 6oo centres globally. Like our Maragon Centres, Busy Bees ‘Bees’ mission is to deliver nurturing high quality childcare and early learning opportunities for every child, giving them the best start in life. If you have any questions, please contact your Centre Director or Area Manager, Jay Barr at info@maragon.com.au



Maragon’s sole purpose is to set children up to succeed and reach their unique potential. We inspire a love of learning and provoke curiosity, amidst a nurturing and loving environment.


At Maragon we believe, that:

Children are a gift – competent, curious and capable. The role of our educators is to nurture, inspire and love each child as if they were their own. Our families want the best for their children and are the most significant people in the early learning journey. The environments at Maragon Early Learning Centres are safe and interesting places where children can learn, explore and above all be loved.


Nurture | Inspire | Love | Trust | Support | Happiness | Growth | Safety


Maragon Early Learning Centres hold the value of children at the core of our philosophy. The core focus of our curriculum is “to learn through play”.

Our educators instil a love of learning and gently guide the children on their path of exploration, investigation and discovery. Our learning methodologies ensure that children make a physical connection to all that is around them and understand their relationship to other things. The development of fine motor and gross motor skills are inherent to all activities within our curriculum.

At Maragon Early Learning Centres, we: Nurture – Inspire – Love

We believe:

Children are competent, curious and capable

Educators nurture, inspire and love

Families are the pivotal partner in their child’s learning journey

Environments are a safe place where children can learn, explore and discover

Our team is part of Maragon’s future.


Research on brain development and learning confirms how crucial the early years are in a child’s learning and development. 85% of the foundation for a child’s intellect, personality and skills is formed by age 5. Children are born ready to learn and explore. “(Source: Brain Initiative, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, 2006)


Children have a natural instinct to explore and learn by using all their senses. At Maragon we encourage this curiosity in many ways. Maragon pushes the boundaries on conventional “childcare” in so many ways. The following is only a glimpse of what you can expect to see when you come and visit us:

  • A vast array of animals – anything from chickens and reptiles to the occasional piglet or goat.
  • Literacy and numeracy.
  • Science, technology, engineering and maths (“STEM”) taking front stage.
  • School readiness programs.
  • An integration of the best of Reggio Emilia and Montessori into our emergent curriculum.*
  • Yoga and wellness programs.
  • Music and dance.
  • Language – Italian.
  • Digital documentation of children’s learning journeys, to allow sharing of experiences between families, and educators through Storypark.

Our *emergent curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, Reggio Emilia and Montessori. Using a blended learning approach, the curriculum follows the interests and developmental phases of the children to allow for meaningful activities under the guidance of our trained educators.

Developmental readiness of children is assessed on an individual basis and is based on the National Education Care Regulations (2012) in consultation with parents.


8 Weeks – 18 Months

What a blessing to be a part of the lives of these young babies.

Maragon understands the level of trust placed in us by families and the unique needs of this age group. Babies thrive when they are loved and nurtured. Our educators are chosen with great care. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the developmental needs of babies, but are above all loving and caring.

Our nurseries and baby rooms have a homely feel, where babies can feel comfortable and relaxed. The development of babies establish the foundation of future learning and every experience is a learning opportunity. Individual attention and age specific baby programs ensure optimal brain and body development. Through the Storypark app you will receive daily digital updates via videos, photos or stories.


18 Months To 2.5  Years

Toddlers are energetic little beings – curious about the world around them.

We provide toddlers with experiences, activities and equipment that engage them to explore and discover.

This is the age where independence develops strongly. Our educators are skilled at observing play and investigations and guiding children to a deeper level of understanding.

Calm environments are essential for learning at this age. Our indoor/outdoor flow, mindfully set up environments and unique touches like essential oil diffusers and music all add to our beautifully calm yet stimulating environments.

Language, numeracy and science is also introduced at this age through age appropriate sensorial experiences.


2.5 – 5 Years

Children of this age expand their world continuously and have many “light bulb” moments.

Maragon provides a specialised Junior-Kindy program. We focus on your child’s learning by extending investigations based on their interests and questions, whilst ensuring that language, numeracy and science are integrated into their learning programs.

Our skilled educators ensure that concepts are learnt in ways that capture the attention of these young minds. Play experiences are skillfully extended into learning experiences, whilst being prepared for school.


Maragon’s environments are purposefully created to provide stimulating yet calm spaces in which your child can thrive. The play spaces are exhilarating and create endless opportunities for discovery. We incorporate a multitude of natural elements and materials to emphasize the importance of a relationship with nature and incorporate tactile, visual and audible learning experiences to prompt children’s awareness and provoke curiosity.

To experience a true sense of the wonder of the Maragon early learning and plat environments, visit our Centres page and come in for a visit and a play. You are sure to be as impressed as the beautiful children and families that are already part of the Maragon community. We look forward to welcoming you.


As we nurture and inspire the future generations, our commitment to sustainability includes recycle bins, worm farms, compost systems and rainwater tanks at each of our early learning centres. Our Wellard centre has chickens that enjoy food scraps and provide our families with fresh eggs. At Maragon we also participate in various energy saving initiatives including Earth Hour.



Nutrition is of key importance in the development of young children. All meals prepared at Maragon are based on nutritional guidelines of a pediatric dietitian – Nourished Beginnings.

Our menus are seasonal and vary to incorporate various types of vegetables and food sources to provide balanced and delicious meals. Nourished Beginnings further support our families by providing access to ingredients and pre-mixed packages to make it easy to also prepare some of these much loved meals at home. All our Centres* are nut free and cater to specific allergies.

View our current menus:

Maragon Winter Menu 2019

*Princeton Pre-School and Balcatta require children to bring their lunch. For more information contact Balcatta or Princeton.

Our story

Maragon’s story began 20 years ago by my late Dad Gideon. Armed with faith that every child deserves quality education, he set out on this journey, with my Mum Margaret (a teacher) by his side.

Two years later the first phase of the school was built and it opened its doors with 90 children. My dad tragically died 9 months after the school opened. He is sorely missed each and every day, but his vision lives on through the legacy he has created.

My amazing Mum took reigns of the school after my Dads’ passing. Together, we as a family stayed true and forged ahead to create a group of schools that incorporated Early Learning Centres, Primary Schools and Senior Schools. Today Maragon in Australia, focuses purely on Early Learning Centres whilst still embracing my Dad’s vision of creating “centres of excellence” where children are set up to succeed.

Maragon is extremely proud of all the amazing staff that continues to manifest this vision each and every day whilst nurturing each child in our care with love and inspiration. – Leanda Visagie, Owner.

Leadership Team

Our Team

About Our Team

Our leadership team has been carefully chosen for their passionate approach to early childhood learning. The team comprises of a General Management team and six Centre Directors, who are responsible for selecting nurturing teachers and educators to inspire a love of learning at each of our unique centres.